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Teak Garden Furniture

Teak Dining Sets

A choice of teak dining sets, guarenteed to make your dining experience that extra bit special.

Teak Garden Tables

Homelife's collection of teak tables, all of the highest quality make, transform any patio into something special.

Teak Furniture Dining Chairs

Teak Garden Chairs

The finest teak garden chairs to seat guests at a barbeque brought to you by Homelife.

Teak Furniture - Bench Covers

Bench Covers

A selection of teak bench covers made from green acrylics to protect from all weather conditions

Teak Furniture - Accessories

Teak Accessories

Fabulous range of teak furniture add-ons and accessories. From Lazy Susans, Parasols and Parasol Bases.

Teak Garden Furniture

Teak in its naturalist form is a tall thick evergreen tree that is aesthetically beautiful no matter what stage it’s in during its extensive lifecycle. Teak garden furniture has become more and more reasonable in price during recent years as a result of the strict legislation put in place by governments to ensure that all Teak that is harvested comes from sustainable sources across the globe. This means that the consumer can rest assured that they are buying quality sustainable teak furniture, at affordable prices.

There are plenty of options available when deciding upon what garden furniture to choose from but teak is by far the most popular with a variety of tones and designs in the UK. Here at Home Life we ensure that we work with only the best factories that bring you the best raw materials but also with our in-house design team ensure that there is a style and look to suit all gardens and patio’s .

Teak is a very hard, long lasting material which is why it is so popular in the UK. With our (warmish) summers and VERY cold winters the fluctuation in temperature does not affect teak as it is use to dealing with extreme temperatures indigenous of Far East Asia.

With age, like most things comes maturity and teak is no exception. After many years of service teak blends into a wonderful crisp smooth silver colour that looks immaculate. Anyone looking to compliment their existing patio or garden furniture should look no further.

Here at Home Life we fully endorse sustainability and that is why we only use Trees 4 Trees sustainable teak. Each of our teak garden furniture comes with a unique label and code on it that can be cross referenced with the Tree 4 Trees website http://www.trees4trees.org/

With your own unique reference you can identify which factory the teak furniture item was manufactured from and by whom.

With our close partnership with our Far East suppliers you can be confident that the high quality of our teak garden furniture will give you many years of satisfaction have been hand crafted in the Far East and born out of our in house design teams personal sketches.

We pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of teak garden furniture to suit all needs and tastes. Our range includes the following products:-

·         Teak garden (or park) benches

·         Special Lutyens garden benches

·         Chunky teak dining sets

·         Stackable teak dining chairs

·         Folding teak dining sets

If you need any further help or advice while selecting your teak garden furniture please do not hesitate in picking up the phone and giving our dedicated sales team a ring who also have an in depth knowledge of all our products here at Home Life.